Can not open website setting --> plugin

Dear admin, I have a problem in OJS after i activate RecommendByAuthor plugin. We cann’t open setting–>Website–>Plugins. Please give me solution for my problem. Thank you

Hi @dannykurnianto,

I am not sure could be that the plugin version is not compatible with the OJS version. You can try removing the plugin from the filesystem (disk) and see if that solves the problem.

Regards, Primož

I have removed the RecommendByAuthors plugin in the filesystem but i can’t open the settings -->Website → Plugin. error . Any solution for my problem ?

Just remove the folder of RecommendByAuthors from plugins folder.

Yes, but i still can’t open Installed Plugins

clear folder cache, t_compile, browser… turn off mod_security on cpanel, or check error_log

i still have same error after clear folder cache, t_compile and other. Any solution?

Check your php error log