Can not disable submission notification emails

since we have updated our website to OJS-, we are experiencing some issues that I think will not happen on a fresh installation. For example, all journal managers and editors of the journal receive submission notification emails. I’ve told them to disable these 2 options that I knew about, but emails are still sent out.
any ideas?

  1. Settings > Workflow > Submission > “Notification of Author Submission” is unchecked

  2. Profile > notifications > Submission Events > A new article, “Title,” has been submitted.

  • “Enable these types of notifications.” is checked
  • “Do not send me an email for these types of notifications.” is checked

Hi @alirezaaa

OJS 3 is configured to send a notification of a new submission to all journal managers and editors. However, if they check “Do not send me an email for these types of notifications” in their profiles that should stop the notifications. It was not working in early releases of OJS 3 but was fixed in 3.1.1 (see [OJS] Even if you check "Do not send email" for notification, you receive email. · Issue #3440 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub). I wonder if @asmecher knows why it’s not working now?

If you do not want this notification email to be sent at all (including to authors), you can disable the Submission Ack template under Workflow Settings > Email.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

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We are on OJS and are experiencing the same problem. I am registered as journal manager and editor for several journals and have unchecked all notifications for all journals, but still receive both a notification and and e-mail when new submissions are made.

Hi @astevens , @tormod
I disabled the email totally for now.

Hi @astevens

Any update on this issue?

Hi @tormod,

This has been reported by a number of users and filed as an issue on GitHub (Reduce the number of new submission notification emails for editors, and simplify their management · Issue #3770 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub). It’s scheduled to be fixed in OJS 3.1.1-5. Feel free to follow progress or add your own comments to the issue.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team