Can I upload a video to ojs?

Hello. Is there a way to upload a video to OJS? Thank you very much.


Yes - provided OJS is appropriately setup, there is an option to add a multimedia component as part of the submission process: Workflow Settings - allowing authors to upload a video submission as part of the article components.

PKP team

Hello Cicero,
we published a video article as a test and decided to link the actual video to a Vimeo account (or YouTube) using the external link. We chose this process because the video was very very large… You may view it here: Pronation Technique in ARDS Patients | AboutOpen

It was a test, but we think it is a reasonable process.

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Thank you very much.

Upload: Yes. Stream: no, according to our tests. It’s better to embed via external video platforms such as Vimeo that are able to stream and to provide the right codecs depending on connectivity.

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See also

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Thank you, very much!!!