Can an editor edit reviewer contact information? ojs

I noticed that if an editor invites a reviewer to the wrong email address, it is not possible to correct the address and resend the invitation. The editor has no access to the users and the edit feature.
Is this as it is supposed to be? or do I have a mis-configuration in the role?

The permission level is Section Editor;
In the Role Options is flagged:

  • Permit submission metadata edit.

This happens on a regular basis, and it confused editors quite a lot.
Thanks for any suggestion,

Hi @lsteele,

If the “Users and Roles” option is not being displayed (one the left hand menu), that likely means that that option is not available to editors and they are not able to edit user accounts details. I did a quick test and Section Editor role doesn’t have access to that option. If the author’s email is incorrect in their profile, then it might be best to just email them and encourage them to correct it in their profile, or a Journal Manager, who has elevated permissions, could do it as well.

PKP Team

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