Bypassing author copyedit step for some submissions?

Hi there! Is it possible to bypass the author copyedit step for some submissions? We don’t want to completely remove the copyediting step, but for some works, they only need to go through the initial and final copyediting stage.

Currently, we send the author copyedit request, skip the email, then login as the author and to complete the process. Is there a simpler way to bypass this step? We are using Open Journal Systems

Hi @christy,

The copyediting process is optional as a whole – but if you want to use e.g. the 3rd copyediting stage, you’ll need to work through the 1st and 2nd stages first. OJS 3.0 is much more flexible in this regard.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Currently running OJS v3.1.2.0 but can’t see any flexibility in workflow settings (management/settings/publication) to just disable copyediting as a whole for all submissions. Is this possible?