By installing new template, journal contents disappears

at [] 1 we have installed new template, which has been tested and successfully deployed to (just using different colour scheme, structure is same). But then the whole contents of a journal (already published PDF files in published issue disappeared).

See the conference journal pages (now empty):

and here with journal opened:

What is the problem? How can we install new theme and not lose contents?

Thank you

This sounds remarkably like this topic:

What theme did you copy from? What specific changes did you make (to files and/or within the setup)? Did the settings in Journal Setup 5.2 stay as you expected in changing the theme?

Hi Graham,
yes, it was written by my colleague who had to leave on vacations. He created his own new template by editing another one (I do not know which one). The Look menu is completely empty, the only thing that remained was obsolete logo of CBU publishing an image we used on old website (anupam did not change it probably). Buteven if I erased it, it still shows nothing. Other fields in Look part of setup were empty…

If you can identify the source of the copy, you can use a tool like diff or WinMerge ( ) to look at the changes made by your colleague.

Note that if Setup 5.2 does not contain configuration information for the Journal Description, Current Issue display, and Additional Content, your homepage will be very bare. Try setting these options as desired. If these options disappear unexpectedly, please let us know what steps you took to reproduce the problem.