By a mistake, I have given open access to an article

By a mistake, I have given open access to an article. Now I can’t change it back:
I simply can’t remove the tick.
How do I solve that problem?
Niels Erik

sounds like a bug in the UI.

I suggest that you edit the database using phpmyadmin or similar. Find the published_submissions table and the correct submission from that table using the submission id. Then change the access_status field to match the value the other articles in that same issue have.

Hi @nef,

Can you check your PHP error log for details? I suspect that a request is being sent to un-check the box, but that the server is encountering a problem. I can un-check the box on my local install without trouble.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec
It seems that the problem has been solved. Now I’m able to un-check the box. Perhaps our newest update solved the problem.
Thanks for the answer
Niels Erik