Buying Bootstrap Themes

Hey, I have been watching your tutorials and reading the documentation. I am about to sign up for a hosting plan and use OJS for our Journal idea, however, I had a question that I couldnt find an answer to yet. That might be due to the fact, that this is the first time I would be working with Bootstrap.

Simple question: There are many sites that offer affordable Bootstrap themes. Is it possible to simply install those, or are we bound to the Bootstrap 3 classic themes and have to modify those?

Best wishes


Hi @Solai,

There are several official PKP themes that use Bootstrap 4 and can be freely used according to GPL v.2 license. Classic, Immersion, and Health Sciences. You can find the theme list here: Themes. All of them are available through the plugin gallery.

OJS allows to built own theme or extend the functionality of an existing one.

Hey! That sounds great, thank you!.

Now lets say I have a theme that I bought from a third party site, like this one. Would I be able to upload/install it to my OJS site and choose it from the backend admin menu, just like I would choose the other bootstrap themes ?

These are themes from Twitter Bootstrap for their framework. They can be used only by developers as a basis for creation of a new theme for OJS.