Bullet points in full issue area (OJS

Dear community,

while testing OJS (our most needed plugin is not yet available for 3.2+) I stumbled across some bullet points of an unordered list in the full issue area:
I have only a basic HTML/CSS/PHP knowledge, but is it possible that class="galleys_links" in the issue_toc.tpl is not part of the “unstyled list” collection in the standard OJS CSS? I expected no bullet points, because of the list-style:none:thinking:

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @unkej,

Are you using a custom css file with your theme? I wonder if this property is being inherited from there? You can get a bit of an overview of how to best work with CSS with OJS in our guide here: Create a Stylesheet


Hi @rcgillis,
thanks for your help. We do not use custom CSS files and I found no inherited classes, but I compared the CSS files from our live system (OJS with the test system ( I guess the .obj_issue_toc .galleys_links is just missing?!



If you can confirm this, a solution for OJS would be a custom CSS with
.obj_issue_toc .galleys_links { margin:0; padding:0; list-style:none }
Or is 3.1.2+ still maintained? :grimacing:

Edit: This small custom CSS works. :wink:

Hello @unkej,

Thank you for sharing these screenshots - I see what you mean.

3.1.2 is not really being further developed, but, I don’t think this is an OJS version issue, as the display of these pages is often dependent on the theme being used. You may be able to get a sense of this from looking at our theming guide. You may want to check and see if upgrading your theme makes a difference. That said, doing what you’ve proposed and making a small CSS change may be a good “band-aid” solution for the time being, and then when you go to upgrade, to say 3.2, you could upgrade your theme to a version compatible with that version and see if it is fixed then. It’s a really minor change, so having that CSS shouldn’t be a problem if it works best for you.