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we’re trying to migrate a digital library from Wprdpress to OJS. We have used the XML import for migrating metadata, but cannnot find a way to make a bulk upload of the pdf files corresponding to the research papers.

Can someone suggest how to do it?

Thank you!!

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Application version: OJS

Hi, @jhcanos,

Ideally, if you can set up a web-accessible storage for the galley files, that might be the way to go, then in the XML, where you indicate the galley file lives, you can then point them to that location. You’d have to setup a type of folder structure with the PDF galleys to be able to migrate them though - I’m not sure that this would work so well within Wordpress though - you might have to setup something independent of that. Are you able to point me to your existing website? If I have a look I might be able to make some more specific suggestions.


PKP Team

Dear @rcgillis, many thanks for such a quick reply. We will try your suggestion and will come back to report.

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