Bug report - References with long URLs

Hi, I’ve noticed that the list of references does not handle URLs well. If there is a long URL, it often goes across the page and out the right hand side. It would be good if the URLs could be parsed and split where appropriate.

@NateWr, is there maybe a layout/CSS solution here?
FYI: here the link to the article in screenshot: http://ajtde.telsoc.org/index.php/ajtde/article/view/155 – the citations are not parsed there (just the content of the input text field), I think.
Sorry for my unknowledge and thus eventually a strange question… :-

Hi @MarkAGregory,

I’m unable to reproduce the issue in your screenshot. Were you able to fix this? If not, can you tell me the browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox), the browser version, and your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux)? I’ll try to see if it’s an issue specific to a browser.

Hi, the browser is chrome and I’ve checked that the same happens in vanilla OJS when long URLs are copied into the metadata references section. The only way to fix (and it is a real time waster) is to manually put a linebreak character into the URL

Hi @MarkAGregory

You can fix it on your CSS with following element/rule:

.article-references-content {
    word-break: break-word;

Please, edit your Stylesheet adding chunk above and test it.


Hi @israel.cefrin, thank you for the solution. I’m not familiar with the OJS CSS, where is the file and what is the name of the file that I should edit and add this code to?

Hi @MarkAGregory, the best thing to do is to go to whoever developed your theme and ask them to add that in. Otherwise you’ll need to copy it to a .css file and upload it under Settings > Website > Appearance > Journal style sheet.

(Did you manually add a space in the example? I tried opening in Chrome and still couldn’t reproduce the problem.)

thank you @natewr for the pointer. We’ve added it to the theme css. This is not the only reference that is a problem. We did not add any spaces to this example.