Bug Report for BibTeX citation export

In the bibtex citation export there are some issues that might be relevant to address:

  1. In cases where the author surname is compound (two names) the document citation key is generated with a space (and that is not correct in bibtex syntax). After generating the key, it needs to have all spaces replaces by something else.
  2. the months should be exported as macros (month=ago) and not verbatim (month={Ago.})
  3. this is the most tricky… pages ranges should be exported with two hyphens. Probably the module is just exporting what the editor put in the page field. But if it matches \d+-\d+ the hyphen might be replaced easily by two hyphens.
  4. just noticed now, the final } is also missing :blush:


On the missing closing }, see BIBITEX missing last character · Issue #3797 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.