Bug fix & update support - paid web dev required


I’m relatively new to OJS and at the end of last year was trying - without any coding knowledge, experience etc. - to get OJS up and running for a journal previously produced in a fairly ad-hoc manner by a small not-for-profit academic network that I head up. I managed to get most of it done: https://meteohistory.org/ojs/index.php/journal/index

But have been hitting my head against a wall trying to get the last bugs ironed out, and have come to the conclusion that this is way beyond my capabilities.

Therefore - I’ve managed to scrape together a modest budget and am hoping that I can find someone who has experience with the OJS system who can act in a web development capacity and help me get the new platform interface over the line and operational?

The things that need sorting are:

  1. Upgrade to latest version (currently running, OJS, every time I try to install OJS I get stuck in a loop and can’t get the website back up and running)
  2. Fix bugs that are currently preventing the successful installation of needed plugins (currently getting the error message: The “exec” PHP function has been disabled on your server. Contact your system administrator to enable it. - however my host has confirmed that the PHP exec function has not been disabled)
  3. Fix bug that is preventing deleting submissions (currently returns error message: An unexpected error has occurred. Please reload the page and try again.)
  4. Once plug-ins are enabled use QuickSubmit plug in to migrate past issues of the journal (currently PDFs on a separate website) over to the new system.
  5. Iron out any other bugs emerging and check the workflow/submission process is good to go.

If anyone thinks they have the capability and capacity to take on this work, please let me know. I think for someone with the right skills it shouldn’t be too big a job!


Dear @AlexHall
just out of curiosity: have you been able to find someone to help you? All of that sounds feasible, but looks like two or three full days of work.

All the best

Dear @klausru,

Thanks for your message - I had been contacted by one person, but they’ve not replied to my follow up email.

If this is something you might be able to take on - would you be able to email me (A.F.Hall@bham.ac.uk) and let me know what your rate/cost would be?

Kind Regards,