Broken Template

Description of issue or problem I’m having:

I did the upgrade process from OJS 3.1.2 to OJS 3.2.1. The process successfully ended (I just had this WARNING: The NavigationMenu (ContextId: 0, Title: User Navigation Menu, Area: user) will be skipped because the specified area has already a NavigationMenu attached.).

But the journals’ template looks broken. Some of them use the default template, others use the “child theme” with little customization.

When I enable the debug mode, I have those messages on the screen
Notice : Deprecated call without request object. in /var/www/html/ojs-3.2.1-1/lib/pkp/classes/template/ on line 971

On some journals, files/sections doesn’t appear anymore, I have this log:
Warning : Creating default object from empty value in /var/www/html/ojs-3.2.1-1/cache/t_compile/7c61a42fe3f467b552e8229bb581c8e7098150e0^ on line 30

And in the apache error log, I have this:
PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /var/www/html/ojs-3.2.1-1/lib/pkp/lib/vendor/wikimedia/less.php/lib/Less/Parser.php on line 1927

Do you have any advice on how to solve those errors ?

Application Version - e.g., OJS 3.1.2:
OJS 3.2.1, php 7.4

Thanks for your help !

Hi @njamar

Have you tested different themes on your installation? I would suggest you to install e enable other themes and double check whether the journal works.
Also, you have mentioned that you are using a custom theme. Please, review the code of your custom theme do ensure it is compatible with the newer OJS version you are using.



I had to modify and adapt my theming.

I still have a strange behavior for my default theme. On some journals, the “information” bar appears, on others it doesn’t appear. On my production (ojs 3.1.2), it appears on both. Both uses the default theme. Do you know where I could check to understand where my error comes from ?
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