"Breadcrumbs" - Issue

Hey there,

browsing through the current issue I noticed that the “breadcrumbs” line (in our case "Home > Vol 1, No 1 (2015) > (AUTHOR) displays only one author even if the article has two of them.

Not an issue for me; however, one co-author has seriously asked me to change this.
I figure that this is system immanent and not easily being changed?


The code to select the first author is in the article’s header template:

The full list of authors is available via getAuthorString(), but that may be far too long for a breadcrumb.

You may want to check for multiple authors via getAuthors() and then add an “, et. al.” instead of enumerating if there are more than two authors.


THANK YOU! Fascinating speed and accuracy. I think the “et al.” solution should be included as a standard option since many articles have more than one authors …

Dear @ctgraham
thanks for your help. I would like to implement your suggestion as I am facing the problem as @Jesaiah. Your explanation along with the code is really great, but I still don´t get it. How would ojs/header.tpl at ojs-dev-2_4 · pkp/ojs · GitHub have to look like at the end?

Thanks so much