Breadcrumb navigation bar error after updating to [OJS], only in long description of announcements

Dear OJS-community,

today, after updating to OJS, I noticed that the breadcrumb navigation bar is partially broken. So far I only noticed the problem with the “long descriptions” of announcements. After clicking on the titles of announcements, the breadcrumbs look like this:

The breadcrumbs of the other pages look normal:

I noticed that the breadcrumbs_issue.tpl and breadcrumbs_article.tpl have been updated (additions highlighted) and OJS no longer contains breadcrumbs_catalog.tpl.

Therefore, I replaced the .tpl files of version with the old ones (version, but the bug could not be fixed.

Do you have any idea what caused the problem? Could the error be related to the update and the tpl files?

Hi @adm_sub,

The HTML code of the breadcrumbs template was changed in response to an accessibility review that we undertook. You can see the discussion around this and the work undertaken in this issue: [OJS] Missing breadcrumbs in static page · Issue #4273 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

What theme are you using? It looks to me like the template has been updated but the CSS has not. If you can share the link to the site with me I’m happy to take a look and see if I can spot what’s gone wrong.

The breadcrumbs_catalog.tpl file has been moved into the lib/pkp since it is now shared with OMP. You can find it at /lib/pkp/templates/frontend/components.

Hello @NateWr,

thank you for your quick reply!
Here are the links to our website: this link shows the broken breadcrumbs, this link the correct ones.

I think you are right, this could have to do something with some CSS files not having been updated. The ordered list in the broken breadcrumbs is just a plain ordered list <ol>, whereas the correct breadcrumb has the CSS-class information <ol class="breadcrumb">.

We are using the Bootstrap theme “cerulean”.

Hi @adm_sub,

It looks like this is an issue with the Bootstrap3 theme. OJS 3.1.2-2 or 3.1.2-4 introduced a new template, /frontend/components/breadcrumb_announcement.tpl, and this needs to be added to the Bootstrap3 theme and adapted to use Bootstrap’s markup.

I’ve filed an issue here: Missing announcements breadcrumb template · Issue #140 · NateWr/bootstrap3 · GitHub

If you’re able to, I’d greatly appreciate a pull request from you to the repository to fix this. :pray:

Hi @NateWr

I would love to help fix this issue with a pull request to the repository. Unfortunately, I don’t know how, since we haven’t updated from github, but with the “full package” method. Is there a manual way of doing this?
Thanks a lot! We really appreciate it.

Hi @adm_sub,

Ok, in that case, I’d recommend just creating the template file and putting it into your install. When you’re satisfied with it, you can share it here and I can add it into the repository so it’s part of the next release.