Bootstrap theme not available


I’ve just watched on PKP School how you can apply a Bootstrap Theme on OJS 3 (, however, that option doesn’t appear on my install:


Did we miss something during our upgrade? We’re using OJS

DId you enable it in plugins?

After installation clear cache and check it again.

I haven’t, or at least I think I haven’t.

What’s the name of the plugin? I tried searching for “Bootstrap” but couldn’t find and there is only the Default Theme available in Theme Plugins:


There should be in Theme plugins. Are you sure that you installed it. Please unpack it manually in
and it will appear in Theme Plugins. Enable it, and you will see it in Appearance part where you started this forum question.

I am not a technical person, I will have to forward this to our technical expert.

Could you please point me to where it can be downloaded?

Hi @alexxxmendonca

You can download BootStrap3 theme from this Github repo:

For IT Staff it is possible download or clone it with Git command:
git clone

In that way it is possible fetch updates or even submit improvements to code through isss/commits/pull requests(PR).

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you @israel.cefrin and @vvucic!

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Does it work now? Please have in mind that Bootstrap theme has copies of some template files. If you need to change them you have to edit them in proper Bootstrap folders. :wink:

I don’t know yet. I am gonna ask to install it and I’ll get back to you.

Hello @vvucic!

Just to follow up on this, it worked!


Congratulations! Good luck!

I have activated the plugin, but it doesn’t appear in the list to choose from. Any more changes needed? OJS 3.3.0-7

Hi @wrochadel,

This is an older post that deals with a different version of OJS, can you post your question in a new forum post, please? This will help keep the forum more organized.

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