Bootstrap Links

I’m using Bootstrap 3 Theme and many of the links in the Reader and Author links simply send users back to the home page rather than the specific links listed in the hyperlinks. Is there a way to fix this? What made me aware of this was clicking the Privacy Statement link…it brings the user back to the home page (but I don’t see a place to set up a Privacy Statement in Administration).

I was able to get all the links to work but the Privacy Statement…is this an option in OJS 3.0 and/or Bootstrap 3?

Hi @russlhuizing, can you provide a link to the site where this is happening? Not sure what you’re describing unless I can see it live.

Nate - - when I click on Privacy Statement it goes back to the home page and I do not see a Privacy Statement option in the Administrative section. Thanks!!

Hi @russlhuizing,

It looks like that URL is pointing to a local development site:

When OJS is installed, it populates these fields with default content, and places the current URL in there. So if you move the site, you’ll need to update the URLs.

Thanks. I changed it but the link still brings it back to the home page rather than a heading under the Submissions page. I think this is because in Administration (Settings>Workflow>Submission) only has four sections (Author Guidelines, Submission Preparation Checklist, Notification of Author Submission, Submission MetaData). If the Privacy Statement is found under Submission in Administration, where is the information entered for the Privacy Statement in Administration?

It looks like you don’t have mod_rewrite working on your site. The link you’re having trouble with points to:

But the actual URL of your submissions page is:

Sorry so long to get back to you on this…I can find the mod-rewrite in the config file but not the httpd file or the .htaccess. Without those presumably I will not be able to use the mod-rewrite feature.