Books for Review SETTINGS menu invisible?

I am a new user (OJS 2.x), and have been working with the process around
article submissions for the past 3 months. It then occurred to me that book
reviews might be done the same way? I found the Book Reviews among the
sections, but even as a “log in as” user, I could not create a new book
review because that section is not listed in the drop down box. Then I went
hunting for settings or instructions concerning the submission of book
reviews – and found none.
Unless I’m mistaken, it was only AFTER I created and saved a book review
that the Settings menu became available on this page
Did I miss it? Namely, if from this page
I click on the Books for Review link and the list is empty, will the
SETTINGS command/link be there? Unfortunately, I can’t test it, because I
now have the reviews (and the Settings command).
I need to know whether I’ve found a design flaw or suffered an episode of
temporary blindness :wink:

Hi @cspeditr,

Have you tried the Objects for Review plugin? It supersedes the Books for Review plugin in OJS 2.x and I would suggest using it instead if possible.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team