Block "About the author"



We are currently moving from OJS 2.8 to OJS
In this new version, the block “About the authors” (containing the author name and affiliation) on the right of the article has disappeared. Then the author name and affiliation is displayed on top of the article page, which can take a lot of space.

Our need would be, in the article page, to display only the author name(s) and using a block (on the left, on the right or at the bottom of the article) to display more details about the author (such as the affiliation).

Do you know a way to do that?

Thanks you,

Hi @evrot,

Have you considered to use other themes rather than the Default, e.g. Health Sciences: Cost-savings achieved in two semesters through the adoption of open educational resources | Health Sciences: An OJS Theme Demo
As you can see author name and affiliation don’t occupy much space there.

Hi Vitaliy,

Thanks for your suggestion.