Bidirectional SWORD in OPS

Is it possible to enable bidirectional SWORD support in OPS? By bidirectional I mean that OPS can submit to journals that use SWORD and that journals can deposit their submissions in an OPS server.

If so, what plug-in or plug-ins are required to accomplish this?

Hi @devinberg,

There are two plugins for SWORD support:

  • The “SWORD Server” plugin, which can be added to OJS in order to bring content into the system using SWORD, and
  • The “SWORD Client” plugin – until recently called the “SWORD plugin”, which is probably confusing – which can be added to OJS or OPS to permit it to send content to other SWORD-compliant applications.

In order for OPS to be able to receive content via SWORD, the SWORD Server plugin would need to be ported to OPS; at the moment it only supports OJS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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