Bibtext citation OJS

How to download citation in Bibtex format in OJS IT si checked in CitationStyleLanguage Settings but it is not visible in interface.
It seems to me that this is theme related issue rather than plugin. I use Boostrap/Yeti


As far as I see Bibtex download citation works in Default theme but it does not work in Bootstrap. I think @NateWr can help in that.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @vvucic,

What version of the Bootstrap theme are you using? If you are using OJS, you should have version 1.1.4 of the Bootstrap theme.

Hello, yes in OJS I use Bootstrap 1.1.4. IT cannot display Bibtex. However, Default theme displays Bibtex properly (option to download it).

Currently, we are using OJS version with Bootstrap3 version and theme “cerulean”. Unfortunately, the Citation Style Language plugin still does not work with the theme “cerulean”. I have also tried several other bootstrap3 themes. With neither of them the plugin could be loaded. However, the plugin works with the OJS standard theme.

Is there a solution for this problem?

Thank you