Best way to import author list directly from an old OJS2 Database

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I am able to access our original OJS2 DB via phpMyAdmin and have extracted our author list (article_authors) as an XML file. Our original site is not otherwise accessible.

Wondering how best to add the data to our new install. Is it safe to import an XML file that has been generated in this way?
I would love to retrieve a reviewer list as well, but that is not as straight-forward. We definitely do NOT want to import all users.

But I have just finished manually adding 16 years of back issues and I would hate to break our new site.

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searched forum

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no issue, seeking advice

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Thanks in advance …

Hi @soj,

I’m not familiar with the OJS2 XML, but I suspect it will not be compatible. @jnugent, are you at all familiar with what might be involved in working with OJS 2 users XML?

If there isn’t a good way to handle this with the OJS 2 XM, this might be another approach. Since you have access to your database and are interested in getting users/reviewers/authors out, one option would be to create new OJS 3 user XML, and import the users that way.

The University of Alberta Library maintains the repository for a tool to convert User CSV data to OJS Import XML (I’ve recently completed work on it that adds in support for reviewers). You can see the current pull request for these changes on their Github.

Whether or not this is a good approach will depend on how large the number of users is and whether the use of a tool like this would take more time than it saves.



PKP Team

Hi @soj @ewhanson

Erik, you’re correct in that the XML from OJS2 won’t be compatible since the schemas are different, all of that information is now localized, etc. I’d also recommend either crafting OJS3 XML for import or looking at the CSV tool you suggested.


Unfortunately, OJS 2 XML and OJS 3 are not compatible.

What would I do if I was in the same situation?

  1. First I install a new OJS 2.
  2. I import the users that are suitable for the ojs 2 I have.
  3. I update OJS 2 to OJS 3.
    You now have users compatible with OJS 3.
  4. You can now export users from OJS 3 to your OJS.

I think it’s worth a try.
Don’t forget to take a backup first or work in another area.

Please share the result if you try it.