Bepress import error

Hi We are running OJS

I have installed the Bepress plugin and it’s on the stable-3_2 branch

When running an import I am getting an error:
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getFileId() on null in /var/www/sites/

It appears that the line:
$submissionFile = $submissionFileManager->copySubmissionFile(

is returning null.

I can see that the article/submission is set in the database properly and appears in the archives submission tab, however the pdf file hasn’t been copied over.

All the parameters sent to the $submissionFileManager->copySubmissionFile function seem to be fine.

Did something change in the latest OJS release to cause the error?


Turns out this was permissions problem on the files_dir.
There wasn’t an error message of any kind for this.