Batch uploads of Articles into OJS 3.3

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to batch upload of articles into OJS 3.3?
We have a journal that has back issues of their journal that they want to upload to OJS 3.3. Imputing them one-by-one into the system will take a good while.
We are currently running and are in the process of upgrading to OJS 3.3… . In OJS I haven’t found away to batch upload of articles. I was hoping that maybe in OJS 3.3 there was some change to allow batch upload easily.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Hi @Stephen,

There import / export utilities for OJS are outlined here: Data Import and Export

There is the Quick Submit plugin, but that is more time-consuming. There is also the XML import, which does involve the preparation of the XML files, which is more work up front, but can be relatively quick in terms of importing the XML.

There are also some utilities for going from CSV/TSV to XML that are discussed in this post: Excel to XML: Converter for OJS - #2 by rcgillis

Hope this helps,

PKP Team

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