Banner image customize

Hi there, I am wondering how I can make the banner image change every 10 mins? instead of just use one single image all the time. One example is from this website:

Thanks a lot!

Hi @lincoln,

You can use JS to implement this. The site you gave as an example has a code so you can look at it and use as a base for what you need, if you know a little bit of JS.

In any case, OJS doesn’t implement this functionality by default.


Hi @beghelli,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Are you saying that I can simply copy the JS code from that website, do some modification and use it?




I am saying you can use that as a base to understand what you need in terms of JS. But you have to understand JS to be able to implement it in your site, without JS knowledge will be hard for you to do that.


Another simple method is that please make an image with any gif file animator and set the time delay for every image and upload that gif file as your banner. no coding is needed, just a gif animator software is needed. If you find any free gif animator than it is good for you else paying for it will not be a good deal for just one gif image.

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