Backup Configuration

In Download Backup, the page lists the following for database backup configuration:

  1. WARNING: The database dump tool has not been configured in the configuration file. The configuration will depend on your server configuration and the type of database you use. It should be specified in a section called [cli], in a configuration option called “dump”. For MySQL, use the mysqldump tool, i.e.:
    dump = “/usr/bin/mysqldump -h %s -u %s -p%s %s”

But on this page in the manual, it lists a different method:

According to the download backup page, the should be modified to include:
dump = "/usr/bin/mysqldump -h localhost - u username -p password name

But if I do this I get a permission errors and no file downloads. What am I missing and which documentation is correct?

Thank you.

Well it seems that he -p option requires the password to be right after the -p so problem solved.