Avoiding index.php/SHORTNAME for a single journal install


I have freshly installed OJS 3.0.2 on an Apache Server to use it for only one journal. For the moment, the journal url is http://revue.cliniques-juridiques.org/index.php/cj and I would like it to be http://revue.cliniques-juridiques.org

Thank you very much all users for the FAQ and elements in former messages in the Forum, but unfortunately nothing is working for me.
I’ve tried the solutions proposed in the following ones:

With the solution provided in these messages, I have either to many redirection or “files not found”.

I wish there would be an easier build-in solution for single journal installations.

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi Xavier, have you finally solved this issue? I am having the same one.
Did you a manual installation or a Git one?
Also: where is the package to install OJS only as stand-alone?
Best regards,