Avoid bots in registration: Is there a puzzle reCaptcha available? Any other plugin suggestion?

Describe the issue or problem
We have reCaptcha implemented for registration to avoid bots. We also have honeypot plugin but we still have bots.

2 questions:

  • Our reCaptcha is a checkbox reCaptcha which is weak. We would like to have a reCaptcha puzzle. Is this available? How to implement?

  • We also have the Honeypot plugin installed. Is there any other plugin we can implement to avoid bots in our registrations of new users?

What application are you using?

OS platform: Linux
PHP version: 8.1.28
Apache version: Apache
Database driver: mysql
Database server version: 5.5.68-MariaDB

setting for captcha
recaptcha 1
recaptcha_public_key XXXXXXX
recaptcha_private_key XXXXXXX
captcha_on_register 1
recaptcha_enforce_hostname 1