Automatically generate a Certificate


I would like to consult regarding your system. My client has version 3.4.0. He would like you to:

  • Automatically generate a Certificate template in E-mail, acceptation submissions.

What can be done about this? How could this be resolved for version 3.4.0? There’s not enough information about the flexibility of this system on the internet, only its functionalities are available.


Hi @Vadym_Chernitsov,

These types of requests are more suited to the feature request category (hence the change to the category of your post). We are trying to make all first “Feature Request” posts follow same structure.We hope this will make it easier to understand the requests and, at the same time, ensure that no relevant information is missing.

Could you please re-edit your first post following this template?

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You can use this post as a reference.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

PKP Team

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Please, as Roger said, it’s easier to read and classify if you follow the template.

BTW, is your FR different to any of those?

If you have the same petition is better joining efforts than creating a new one that will split the votes.