Certificate for reviewers

Dear colleagues,
many reviewers requires about certificate for reviewers. I think that it will be very help full tool for editors. I suggest that editor should be have some tools for generate certificate for concrete reviewers, where his name, affiliation, articles title for some period were showed. And other information about publisher.
All information about reviewers will saved in OJS, information about reviews too, dates, all…
Thank you

Please see:

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I think the tool will be very useful

No doubt, this tool is essential and it is already in practice by many international journals. I expect this feature to be available in the near-future versions of ojs and should not not be a big deal for ojs developers. Looking forward to hear the good news… :slight_smile:

Hello, please can you found some reviewer certficate plugin or another alternatives? @Farhan_Abbas
I found publons, but its require fee.
I found

Hi there Lukas!
Sorry I have not been yet successful in finding some Reviewer Certificate Plugin.

Do let me know if you find something related but without fee :slight_smile:

Use ReviewerCredits.com is free

thank you @Docentes_2.0