Automatic reminder for upcoming review deadline

Hi. Would it be possible, in OJS 2 or 3, to setup an automatic reminder that a review is almost due – like the following one:

Dear *,

As you will recall, on 20 Nov 2018, you kindly agreed to review the following manuscript:


According to our records you are almost reaching the deadline now, which is 01 Jan 2019.

You can access the manuscript and submit your comments online at the Journal’s website.

Your username is: **

We look forward to receiving your review.


Hi @fgnievinski,

I am not sure if that is possible. The OJS has ability to send reminder email after missing the deadline. What you can do is to use this feature, but type in negative number of weeks for the reminder. This might cause to fire the reminder email before the deadline.

But as I said, never tried and I am not sure. Just thinking.

Regards, Primož

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I have found that the reminder was not automatically send by OJS, eventhough I already set it for reminder. How can I correct this?

+1 for this feature request in OJS 3. I’ve had a request from a journal team I work with.