Reminder for reviewers that the review is due soon


Many journals send the reminder to reviewers, e.g. three days before the review is due. This helps the reviewers to act timely if they forgot about this task.

Can this be incorporated as an option into the workflow?


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What if you try negative numbers? Automatic reminder for upcoming review deadline

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AFAIK, it is implemented already: Settings → Workflow → Review → Automated Email Reminders

Thank you @Ph_We.

Can you tell me in which version is this implemented?

We have installed now. AFAIR, it might have been there from 3.0.*. I’m not sure though.

It says this: “To activate these options, the site administrator must enable the scheduled_tasks option in the OJS configuration file. Additional server configuration may be required to support this functionality (which may not be possible on all servers), as indicated in the OJS documentation.”

Existing reminders are for different situations than I am explaining.
The first option reminder is for response to the invitation to review. The second option reminder is for a passed deadline of an accepted review.

I would like the third option, which allows a reminder a few days before the due date of the accepted invitation.



I would then lose the the reminder for the passed deadline.
Better solution is one additional optional reminder.

Hi @dijana

There is already an optional (manual) reminder which you can use as soon as a reviewer has accepted to do the review. You will see the Send Reminder link in the reviewer’s field and you can remind the reviewer before the review deadline if you want. (you can change the wording of the email in Settings/Workflow/Emails.

Maybe this is not what you meant by ‘optional’? Maybe you meant an automated reminder that is optional to use, i.e. selected or unselected in the reivew/workflow settings? (I agree it would be good to have that reminder btw!)

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Yes, the idea would be for an automatic notification, instead of a manual one.

A related wish is found here:

As this feature has been wished twice in the forum, I’ve reported it in the issue tracker:

Hi @fgnievinski,

I was referring to reminder for reviewers, not for authors.

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The reminder for reviewers has been requested before:

The reminder for authors is not the same issue but is related;
it also has an open issue ticket, reason why I brought it up:

Hi @fgnievinski,

Great! I hope the developers will take this into consideration for one of the future OJS 3 releases.