Authors missing from "How to cite" box

We are a new journal, and I am a newbie to OJS with a software background. WE have created a beta version of our Vol. 1, No. 1 loaded in a hosted instantiation of OJS 3.4. Most of the pages look and act the way we would expect except for 2 things.

  1. How to Cite
    For every single editorial item, the authors are missing from the citation given in the “How to cite” box. This is true for all items, and for 5 different citation formats (default, APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian). See an example in the screen shots.


The one thing that might be different for us is that none of these articles went through the workflow. We did a manual workflow, and then entered each article via the QuickSubmit plugin. From using the plugin, I wonder if the “Contributors” added by this tool are stored in the DB the same way as if they had been created by a user submitting normally.

  1. Authors
    As shown in screen shot #3, the table of content says “Author” once per article; we’ve noticed that other OJS installations seem to display this behavior. Since our journal (like every journal where I’ve published) only publishes authored work, this is redundantly redundant and not something we would ever do if we were making up the contents ourselves. So if we could have the option of not specifying either one (i.e. “Author” vs. “Translator” was optional) and it would go away, we would implement this policy across the board for all articles all the time.

Please excuse me if both of these are obvious questions otherwise covered by documentation.