Authors are unable to edit metadata during the submission

Description of issue or problem Iā€™m having:

We are using version 3.3.10 and
I am writing to know why the authors are unable to edit metadata during the submission. Only the editor can edit the data and the authors cannot save the changes.

Maybe, is it a settings problem?
Can you give me directions?

Thank you for your cooperation

Hello @PiccolaImpresa,

Can you provide more information - and perhaps a screenshot of the messages that the author see when attempting to edit the metadata?

PKP Team

I resolved !

Roles ā†’ Author ā€”> Edit ā€”> Check Permit modify metadata

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Hello, the option of yes or not editing metadata for authors is disabled and it is a decision of the editors of the journal to enable it. The same case for the rest of the roles (section editor for example).
If you only need a single author to modify the metadata, you can do it in:
Wordflow ā†’ Submission ā†’ Participants ā†’ Author ā†’ Edit

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