Author uploading file showing http error

Good day people how do i fix http error for my client journal while author upload files for publication

Check path and permissions to your files directory.

thanks for the response
do you mean from from the cpanel and how do i go about it. kindly assist on this

Check whether the path is right in the
Permissions from the cpanel.

thanks please which path will i check. i just need your help. kindly assist me. you can mail me on

kindly assist me, i need to resolve this soon, but when i created another online publication for testing it works fine.the one that the client has is not uploading showing http error

thanks alot

This error is typically caused by an absence of access to files dir from a web server (apache). The case may be the wrong path to files dir in

Or an absence of permissions to this folder/files:

I understand your concern but I can’t help you any further.

An HTTP error will almost certainly be accompanied by a more detailed error message in the webserver’s error log (or PHP error log). Check with your hosting provider or system administrator to find out where PHP logs errors for your server, then look for an error in that log that matches the date and time of the error experienced. You’ll find more details there.

(Please note that it is not safe to set files_dir = files unless you also protect that directory from direct access via the web server! See docs/README / docs/ in the “Recommended Configuration” section.)