Author uploading a revision file: permission problem


We have a problem with file permissions during article review. Here’s what happened:

  1. An author wanted to make some changes to already uploaded article file. However he cannot upload another submission file once the submission wizard is complete.
  2. Editor uploads a new submission file for author from editor’s UI.
  3. The article is moved to Review stage and decided it needs revision.
  4. When author tries to upload a Revision file and selects it is a revision of an existing file, the editor uploaded file, he get’s a message: The current role does not have access to this operation.

Is this a normal behaviour or a bug? What would you suggest to do differently to avoid the file permission problem if the author cannot for some reason upload submission file?

Thanks in advance


I think that in this case the author could just upload the file as a totally new file (not as a revision).

@bozana would it make sense that the author always has a permission to upload new versions of submission files regardless of who has uploaded them?

Hi @Domek and @ajnyga

Hmmm… In my local installation (current master branch that will soon be released as 3.1.1) I, as author, am able to upload a revision of an document that editor uploaded (as revision). Thus, @Domek, what OJS version exactly are you using?


We’re using version 3.0.2. I didn’t find time to upgrade yet.

If this is solved in the newer version then the more reason to upgrade. I’m sorry to bother. :slight_smile:

Thank you!