Author obtains Reviewer Files Shared before Editor Decision Made

OJS 2.4.8

Reviewer performs review, and uploaded files to be shared with the Editor/Author.

The files that is now shared with the Editor/Author [check box in Editor View - ‘Let author view file’ is selected] - becomes immediately available to the author. The Editor Decision has not been made, but the author has access to the files.

Please provide fix - files should only be accessible to author after an editor decision has been made.

Hi @tretief,

This is intended behavior – in the case of uploaded files, the reviewer has the opportunity to designate whether a file should be viewable by the author or not.

Note that we won’t be making workflow changes to OJS 2.x; we’ll be maintaining OJS 2.x for security and critical issues, and otherwise will be focusing on OJS 3.x.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team