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Describe the problem you would like to solve
We need a way for a user (author) to start the submission process by filling in all the required information, and then another user (submitter or co-author) verifies its content, and submits it. Example: Imagine a case where the author would be a student, and the submitter would be the advisor.

Describe the solution you’d like
A plug-in, if enabled: The new submissions have to have at least one co-author with a submitter role. After the author adds the submitter, he/she has to visualize like the author and submit in the end.

That is related to REQUEST: link existing accounts as co-authors in a submission, in the sense that the when adding the submitter has to link with its account. In my specific application, I don’t have GDPR (or LGPD in Brazil) concerns, however, we may think of a way of making it compliant like the second solution.

The second solution I see is to link submitters to a simple author. All the authors can submit except the ones with a submitter/advisor required/assigned to him/her, and OJS shows the author submitter’s options (and adds as co-author too).

Additional information
I am willing to do a plug-in to solve it. So, I would like to know if this solution is feasible (not too hard), and I would appreciate it if you give some tips/guidelines on how to do it. Besides, if you think the community may benefit from this plug-in we may design it in a way that solves most use cases, otherwise, I would do it more specifically to my use case.

Hi @henriquejsfj!

One of the major features we’re working on for the 3.5.0 release is an invitation toolkit and better GDPR compliance through the expanded use of invitations.

This doesn’t 100% speak to your scenario, but does mean that authors will be added by invitation (“you have been suggested as an author on the submission titled xyz; please click this link to accept or reject”), which might serve your purpose well enough.

The work is described in these issues:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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