REQUEST: link existing accounts as co-authors in a submission


I am wondering if in the future will be possible to link co-authors with existing accounts in OJS when a new submission is submitted. For example, on Manuscript Manager (other software) you can introduce just the email of co-authors and the other information is linked automatically.

What do you think about this??


Hi @t4x0n,

Are you using the ORCID profile plugin? It allows the submitting user to enter the ORCIDs of other users, and send invitation emails for them to confirm and authenticate against the ORCID service.

An invitation process like this will be necessary, or else privacy legislation e.g. GDPR would not be respected.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks @asmecher,

really the authors are not using the ORCID ID for the coauthor’s info, and I did not have been made proofs using the plugin, so I am not sure how works the plugin in this case, but I will do some tries in order to test this.

I understood about the legislation… thanks!!

Hi @t4x0n, we’ve also got a long-term issue field around disambiguating author records if you want to read up on that: Introduce disambiguating author IDs · Issue #2986 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. Short story: we want it, just figuring out how to do it and when to prioritize it.

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