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One of the authors (who is also an editor) was able to see the reviewer list when they started a discussion at the review stage. All reviewers are listed under Participants. Shouldn’t the reviewer list be hidden from the authors, even if they have editor role as well?
The review type is set to Anonymous Reviewer/Disclosed Author.

We use OJS


Hi @gabriela1,

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much of a way around this. If a user has a higher level role (e.g. editor) that allows them to see reviewers’ identities in the system, that will prevail in these cases. There is an option, however, within the submission process that allows users to submit as an author and not an editor when they have multiple roles.

This is in OJS 3.3 (you didn’t indicate which version you were using, but in the future, please include this your posts).

PKP Team

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