Attach a photo in an article

Hi. My question is whether you can include a photo within an article that we created for a number (journal number).

I’m not sure where you’re wanting this to appear.

Can you provide a screenshot or mockup?

I want to appear on the part of book reviews

I’m picturing a photo of the book next to the book review.

This would be analogous to having a “cover” image for an article, much like a “cover” image is available for an issue.

I like the idea, but this would require some extensive PHP work.

My idea is something like " cover " as when going to create a number. It would be possible to do ? with some plugin? Thank you!

There might be some of this functionality already in the product. I may be simply unaware as to how to configure it.

I see what appears to be article-level cover page code in the issue table of contents:

Perhaps someone else will have a suggestion.

I do not understand you. Do you recommend a plugin? To Modify code?