Assistance with OCS

I am currently using OCS and noticed that it only goes up until 2024, is there a way that additional years can be added?

Hello @nazli

Thank you for your interest in Open Conference Systems (OCS). OCS is no longer supported or maintained by PKP. However, other community members may wish to offer assistance.

If you are looking for a current solution to manage conference paper submissions and publish conference papers, I suggest using Open Journal Systems (OJS), PKP’s software application for publishing scholarly journals. OJS has a complete editorial workflow for managing submission, peer review, and publishing that is flexible enough to be used for conferences. You can then use a separate tool to manage conference registration and scheduling.

Here is an example of an organization that uses OJS to publish their conference proceedings:

If you would like to explore OJS, there are a number of resources available.

Documentation is available on our web site that will guide you through the installation, configuration, and operation of the software:

We also provide a free, online support Forum where you can search for answers and post any unanswered questions that may arise while using OJS:

Online training modules, including video tutorials, are available at our PKP School:

You can also take OJS out for a test drive on our server to become more familiar with how it operates:

If OJS doesn’t fit your needs and you are looking for a full conference management replacement, you could also try alternative free/open software solutions like Indico (built by CERN).

PKP Team