Assigning DOI to Accepted Manuscript during Copyediting (Pre-publication)

We are new to OJS and are using OJS and we are going to assign DOI to our first Accepted article. We want to place DOI number in the PDF that we will publish but to do this we need a DOI (CrossRef) in advance. It doesn’t matter even if DOI is activated after publication. However, placing DOI within each article’s PDF file is very crucial for us.

In this forum, most people are talking about post-publication DOI assignment. However, I would appreciate if someone can guide in detail how to assig DOI to Accepted Manuscript during Copyediting (Pre-publication). Please use simple language, I’m not a very technical guy or master of OJS systems through if you share screenshots or explain clearly with exact names of the tabs (to click) i can handle.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @zhao,

It depends on what kind of DOIsa are you using:

  • if you manually define the DOIs, then you can add them in the metadata whenever you want
  • if you are using any kind of automatically generated DOIs, then they are ‘produced’ as soon as an article is added to an issue - no need to publish the issue

More: Using DOIs and the DOI Plugin

Regards, Primož

When i say DOI i mean CrossRef DOI.

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