Articles are ordered randomly [OJS]

OJS 3.3.0-10, Immersion Theme (although I am not sure this is related to the theme).

Within each section, articles came up in the ToC in random order if their order is assigned simply via the Publication tab. Article order has to be manually “fixed” via the issue management window. This is not the expected behavior.

  1. I have assigned the articles to the issue (i.e. via the Publication tab in each article’s workflow) in the exact order they should appear. Both in the issue management window and in the Preview the order appears correctly.
  2. I have published the issue.
  3. Articles in the published appear(ed) in random order. The order changes every time the page is refreshed. The sections are ordered correctly.

I have re-ordered the articles manually via the issue management popup window. Just clicking “order” then “save” did not work. I had to make one change, save, then revert it. Now the order is stable.

I simply would not have expected this to happen. At first, it got me lost. I had to just guess that manually reordering the articles would have had the desired effect.

Do the articles have page numbers?

They do, in their data, although the Immersion theme does not support page numbers, thus they are not shown.