Articles are getting in to wrong sections

The articles from editorial are seen in Original Articles section in TOC. I cant seem to change the order of the sections as well. Nothing gets registered. However, when i go in to the article, it shows the right section (editorial), but in TOC it is placed under Original Article section. How this is even possible? any idea? OJS 3.0.1 is seemed to be confused!

Dear Depression, why do you even exist in the budding medicos? is observed in Original Article section.

However, in metadata it is in Editorial section.


I you are using quicksubmit, it could be this: [OJS] QuickSubmit in OJS3 breaks custom_section_orders · Issue #2376 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

See also OJS 3 Articles appearing in the wrong section in the Table of Contents

I have fixed this by removing all entries from custom_section_order that have the issue_id which has problems. After applying the fix in Github, I have not heard of our journals the similar issue.