Article without the landing page

Hi, is it possible to have an article without the article landing page?
We have OJS 3.1.2-4 and a section with all the indexing options checked, including “Do not require abstracts”.
But any new article added to the section has the landing page, even if abstract field is empty.
I found this but does not clarify wich version has the landing page and wich not.
I checked the documentation part on sections but there’s nothing on the “Do not require abstracts” indexing option.
Any hint?
Best regards,

Hello @bolelligallevi,

In order to do this, you’d likely have to modify the OJS code, and likely the theme that you are using. By default, there is the article landing page that is accessible from the issue view, even if you opt not to use the abstract - it still shows the rest of the article metadata. If you are interested in doing customization, I’d encourage you to check out our developer documentation: PKP Developer Docs - Technical guides and documentation for OJS and OMP

Public Knowledge Project Staff