Article title with superscript or subscript

We have cases that in titles of articles there are chemical and mathematical words that do have superscripts or subscripts. Is it possible to make them to llook exactlz as in article when tzping in the field Title for article?


There are a set of mathematical symbols and operators, including superscripts and subscripts which occur within the Unicode character set. Do your use-cases fit within that?

Yes, my cases are like that. Can that field for title of article accept unicode codes?


OJS supports Unicode, if your system supports Unicode (and most do). If you have altered your database character encoding in, this may be a blocker, but the answer is generally, “yes”.

OK. Thanks, I ahve had dilemma about that since it is just field, not editor. I will in the future put Unicode codes and I put that collation is UTF8 general ci. So, It should accept all utf8 codes I guess.
Thanks a lot

I don’t understand your first statement: “I have had dilemma about that since it is just field, not editor”. Can you rephrase that?

For future installations it is highly recommended to use Unicode as the character set. If you have existing data in a different character set, you will not be able to just change the setting; in that case, you would also need to change the character set of the existing data.

In editor there is option to use superscript, but in the field there is not. Thus, I thought that it is not allowed. If collation for that entry is consistent with others being utf8 than it is OK to type utf8 code.
I hope it is clear now.

Ah. Ok. The distinction is that the TinyMCE Editor supports HTML and Unicode, whereas simple text fields only support Unicode, and not HTML markup.

Yes, indeed, and it should be somwehere in documentation written what you exactly said. I am trying to behave as average user and I am trying to speak on behalf of average user. (I was often involved in testing usability).
Please no misunderstanding for my often posts. I am trying to speak as average user. :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you for your questions and input.

I would recommend to you the new OJS user manuals:
You can contribute suggestions for improving or translating the documentation there.

There is also a new Documentation Interest Group which has formed to assess, advise, and develop documentation for the Public Knowledge Project.

Thanks for links. I am already registered in Documentation interest Group.
I am currently in one project in which we uplaod approx 2000 articles and another in which we upload 1800 articles. indeed, we use OJS 3.0. In sucha heavy duty use I want to check all options and possibilities to make work easy and efficient.

this thread has more information: