Article summary object is not the same on every page?

Hi everyone!

Application Version: OJS

Description of issue: I have edited the article summary object file article_summary.tpl to include a code to show the Dimensions badge (eg, Vol. 10 No. 2 (2020) | Journal of Health Sciences). However, this works, (i.e. Dimensions badge is shown) only on …/issue/view/… pages, but not on Home page or …catalog/category/… pages.

In addition …/catalog/category/… pages do not even show Galleys buttons, such as PDF or HTML.

What do I need to edit to show the Dimensions badge on pages containing other than …/issue/view/… in the URL?

Thank you

Anyone? Any idea?
@NateWr @asmecher?

Thank you!

Hi @dijana, can you share the template code that produces the Dimensions badge?

Hi @NateWr
Thanks for your support.

I have slightly modified these lines to get DOI.

			{foreach from=$pubIdPlugins item=pubIdPlugin}
			{if $pubIdPlugin->getPubIdType() != 'doi'}
			{assign var=pubId value=$article->getStoredPubId($pubIdPlugin->getPubIdType())}
			{if $pubId}
				{assign var="doiUrl" value=$pubIdPlugin->getResolvingURL($currentJournal->getId(), $pubId)|escape}
				<div class="item doi">
					<span class="label">
						{capture assign=translatedDOI}{translate key="plugins.pubIds.doi.readerDisplayName"}{/capture}
						{translate key="semicolon" label=$translatedDOI}
					<span class="value">
						<a href="{$doiUrl}">

And added these lines to show Dimensions badge:

			<span class="__dimensions_badge_embed__" data-doi="{$pubId}" data-style="large_rectangle"></span>