Article Review Form 2016

Is it possible to download the article review form 2016?

What happens when you click on “copy” under article review form?


HI @hybhurruth,

It duplicates the review form - making another copy of it so you can re-use it - sort of like using a review form as a template for building another form.

PKP Team

@rcgillis Thank you so much.
Is it possible to download the review form?

Hi @hybhurruth,

Hmmm… I don’t think so. But one thing you could do is, if the form is not to long, you could technically preview it and then copy-and-paste that. I wouldn’t retain all the formatting of the questions, as they are presented in the form, but would allow you to get at a good majority of the questions and details present in the form.

PKP team

@rcgillis Thank you very much. I have done that.
Kind regards

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